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                    Guangzhou Sawey Spray Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 2010, which is a professional in spraying gun manufacturer. Since the company are founded, We are specialized in hardware & accessory and focusing on the development of hardware and mechanical installation.


                    With the guidance of marketing, we import all kinds of electric tool, pneumatic tool, air tool, hand tool from Taiwan and Japan, and provide the efficient and first-rate service for our customer.


                    Our customers are from industry of electronics, electric appliances, chemicals, shoes, machinery, ceramics, food, glasses, beverages, medicines, packing, paper making, textile architectures, cars, metallurgy, casting, leather and more. 


                    Our main business:whole sales all types of Automatic spray gun, manual spray gun, spray gun, coating the diaphragm pump,pressure tank, pressure valve, mixer, electric screwdriver, wind and other hardware tools and accessories, welcome all kinds of production line of flame plating, your customized of automatic spraying equipment or manufacturing engineering.


                    Today international market competition becomes more and more fierce, well continue acting on tenet of 'live on quality, respect on service, to create brilliant future with friends of all industries.



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